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Man Ching postures 1-17
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Here are the postures we'll be learning in this class. They comprise about 1/3 of the form in terms of length and 1/2 of the form in terms of postures.

You can download and print off the pdf if you'd like.

1. Preparation – Also known as wuji (Undifferentiated Unity)

2. Beginning – (where you perform the opening breath) Raise hands up and then back and down

3. Ward Off, Left – Also known as peng, the foundation of Yang Tai Chi. This is also a great stance to

practice rooting in.

4. Ward Off, Right

5. Roll Back

6. Press

7. Push

Postures 3 through 7 are collectively known as “Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail”, which gives the

impression of lightness, like playing a game with a bird. Your motions should move forward and

backward, like waves lapping at the seashore.

8. Single Whip – An excellent posture for qi circulation

9. Raise Hands

10. Shoulder Stroke

11. White Crane Cools Wings

12. Brush Knee, Left

13. Play Guitar – Also known as Play “Pipa”

Repeat Brush Knee, Left

14. Step Up and Block

15. Parry and Punch – a neutralization is hidden here

16. Apparent Closure – Also called “Withdraw and Push”

17. Cross Hands

Posture 17 marks the end of the first section of the “Short Half.” This is because it contains

approximately half of the total postures in the form and lacks some of the repetitions we find in the

second half (thus requiring less time for its performance).


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