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Alchemy Center Taiji Group

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Week 5 Practice video - Mvmts 9-11 - Raise Hands, Shoulder Strike & White Crane Cools Wings. The video shows a rocking exercise to bring awareness to the feet and weight distribution. Then I detailed out the new movements and then did a run through up to the end of Crane Cools Wings.

Week 4 - Movement 8. Shot this one in the taiji room at Jung Tao. Details of Single Whip posture and a follow along from the beginning. Happy Practicing!

Week 3 - Mvmts 5, 6 & 7 (Roll back, press & push). video goes through details of the posture and then a fluid run-through up to this pt.

Week 2 detailed description of movements 3 and 4 - Ward off left and Ward off right

Week 1 detailed description of the preparation and opening postures of the taiji form.


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